Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've been frequenting the blog of Ken Jennings lately. You might remember Ken as that guy who set the record for wins on Jepordy a couple of years back. Anyway a few years ago I read selections from an online interview with Ken that where published in Sunstone Magazine, and found him to be quite witty. So when I recently discoverd his blog I was sure to bookmark it. Currently Ken has a book out called 'Brainiac', that chronicals his experiances on Jepordy, as well as inisights into the larger world of trivia geekdom, I kind of want to read the thing. A couple of weeks back he posted an analysis of the dance movies in Merry Christmas Charlie Brown which I just found to be really funny. By-the-way I belive that 1965 Peanuts Christmas special to be one of the 20th Centurys great works of Christian art.


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