Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bob's Your Uncle

Hitch Part 14 of 15

At an early showing of Frenzy the French director Truffaut told the Hitchcocks that it was 'a young mans film', meaning it was inventive and took a lot of risks. The story about a London serial killer nicknamed "the necktie murderer", is certenly the directors most vulger film, in its raw depictions of sex and violance. That however was what Hitch appears to have to been after, in an effort to both stay relevent, and stretch himself. There are no big names in the film (though britcome fans will notice Clive Swift in a small part), but a fine cast of British stage actors lend the movie its needed sense of authenticity. The comic hang-up of the film is a continuing emphasis on food, particuarly the awfull english dishs served to a Scotland Yard detective by his insightfull wife. While the R rating on Psycho is silly, on this film its not, so beware before viewing.


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