Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fiesta & Funeral

What a game last night! Now I'm not much of a football fan, collage or pro, infact Mondays Fiesta Bowl was the first colloge football game I've ever watched striaght through, but I enjoyed it throughly. It was a movie, a tight fought contest that went back and forth between both teams, only to be settled by a two-point convergance (I think that's the right term) in overtime, final score Boise State 43, Oklahmoa U 42. What really energized me about this game before it began was the rude, arrogant and dismisive attitude of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops. I really wanted to see that jerk humbeld, espically given what a class act Boise coah Chris Petersen is. In fact I think that coach Stoops should be played by either Dennis Hopper or Christopher Walken in the movie, though he dosen't look like either man both are good at playing evil/crazy. Anyway to finish off the movie analogy, this picture would also have a love story (Ian Johnson and cheerleader), and a redemption story (Jared Zabransky). If football is like this (which I'm told it usually isn't) I'm sold.

I planed to watch President Fords funeral today, as I'm the sort who actully tends to watch these things; however the online TV guide page I checked last night for the services time was set for the east coast and not the mountian west. Therefor I only caught the tale end of it, perhaps they will run it again today on the C-SPAN (I heart C-SPAN). Anyway I like President Ford, good man, and I like the asthetic of an old establishment churh funeral. I do however feel disapointed to learn the former Prez Jimmy Carter was not one of the speakers, for the funeral of a reconcilator such as Gerald Ford, having his old political rival speak would have been apropos. My local NBC affilate cut from the end of the funeral service directly to actor Orlando Bloom on some interview show, highly disrespectful in my opinion (not cutting to an actor, just cuting to Orlando Bloom).

Lastly, Chris Peterson is the first colloge coach since about 1888 to go undefeated his first year on the job.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Rob said...

I think that those two guys, Walken and Hopper, are kind of goofy bad guys. Besides Hopper was just so good in the basketball movie Hoosiers, I can't disassociate him with that part. You need a smart, sophisticated, and cool bad guy to play Stoops. A bad guy that you kind of like.


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