Friday, December 29, 2006


A Review

Some friends of mine recently gave me a copy of a film called Underground, which judging by its cover design I expected to be campy, but is actully a quality movie. It has one of those, one brother is a loyal Nazi (Jeffrey Lynn) and one is in the resistance (Philip Dorn) sort of plots, but its very well done and avoids most cliches, espically in that the Nazi brother is a multi-dimensional character who has a nice arc. The DVD comes with some 2004 interviews of the films director, the then 98 year-old (and very aware) Vincent Sherman, conducted by his son and the guy who created 'The Toxic Avenger'. Also included are some rather odd special features including a new sounding trailor for an early Burt Reynolds film, and a circa 1990 enviromental public serivce spot. Thank you The Roan Group.


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