Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lost Remaks

TCM continued with its lost film series tonight, I will briefly review the two remakes presented, and will cover the original film (Stingaree) which I have taped but not yet watched, at a later time.

Movie: Living on Love (1937)
Setting: New York City (seemingly implied); contemporary

Remake of Rafter Romance changes some details (the apartment here is in the basement, not the attic), but maintains basically the same plot (man and women who share a room in shifts fall in love). Mixed bag compared to the original, though I'm starting to think this would make a good stage play. I would have liked to have seen it made once again in the late 40's with Alan Young and Priscilla Lane.

Movie: A Man to Remember (1938)
Setting: 'Westport County'; 1919?-1938

More polished remake of One Man's Journey, departs from the original in many ways, but stays true to its sentiment. Interesting framing device having the story of Dr. Abbots life (Edward Ellis, who is great in this) told in flash backs inspired by old bills in his 'safety' box, as they are examined by his creditors after his death. This films association with blacklistie Dalton Trumbo, and its evident socialistic undertones, might explain why only existent copy was located in Holland. Budding romance between brother and adopted sister kind of creepy.


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