Sunday, April 08, 2007


Movie: Deceived (1991)
Setting: New York City; roughly contemporary the film covers about seven years.

This is a great example of strictly b-grade material made truly entertaining by two strong lead performances. Goldie Hawn in a New York City art restorer, John Heard (in what is probably his best performance ever) is her to good to be true husband. After Heard's character dies in an auto accident following an argument with Hawn, his widow starts to uncover things she never know about his past. Because of the title of the film, and the fact that the first scene is Goldie meeting John, you pretty well know where its all going from the start. However its fun, and maybe just a little over the top, reminds me of some of the crime programmers from the 40's. Good entertainment in a pinch.

See also: Laura (1944), The Women in the Window (1944), Murder 101 (1991).


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