Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rod, Tod, This Is God

Movie: The Next Voice You Hear (1950)
Setting: Los Angles, California; contemporary

Existential horror and redemption story has the voice of God emanating from the worlds radios. Plot concerns the reactions of the financely struggling Smith family(James Whitmore, Nancy Davis (Reagan), & Gary Gray) to this earth shattering event. I must complement the movie on what I would call a very realistic depiction of period family dynamics for a movie of the time, you see the vague resentments of the characters to their situations, yet their is a warmth there that mostly avoids sitcom saccharine.

Observation: In the 2003 TV movie The Reagan's, Ronald proposes to Nancy while she is making a movie that requires her to were a fake 'pregnancy bag'. Now she wears such a device in this movie, but its production is chronologically off from the date of the couples real-life marriage. In addition I thought I saw actor George Murphy's name on display on a 'directors chair' in the background, while Murphy was not in The Next Voice, he did play Reagan's dad in the 1943 musical This is the Army.


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