Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Do We Fight?

Watched Why We Fight?, another in the large crop of leftist documentaries that have been a popular form of backlash in the Bush years. The movie takes as its focuse Eisenhowers (my favorite post WWII president) famed warning in his 1961 fairwell address about the dangers of the military-industiral complex. I'm not a big fan of the 'MI' as I'll call it, espically the excesis atributed to them during the cold war. However in a discusion of the film with a right-wing militerist friend of mine, I had a hard time coming up with a way for the U.S. to function without them during the War on Terror. All I could come up with was for better government oversight of their activites, but that probably wouldn't do too much. Anyway, if anyone out there knows of a better way to translate my vauge distaste for the MI into a pragmatic policy stance, I would love to hear it.

Also watched the 4 hour season primer for the 6th season of 24. It seemed to start out a little slower then the last few seasons (hard to bet season 5 on that front), and to be attempting slight experimitation in formate, such as having the President actully be in Washington D.C. for a change. I feel shades of the disapointing season 3 coming on here, and am a little worryed that the show may have 'jumped the shark'. While the suitcase nuke going off was supposed to be one of those 24, I can't belive they did that moments, the program on the whole feels like it is becoming a charictature (can't spell) of its self. You've got the work place feuds set up at CTU, Chloie going outside the system, Jack going dark, an untrustworthy advisor to the president (I'm affaird Wayne won't be able to fill Davids shoes), and making deals with terror leaders for the greater good. It feels like there is only so many combinations of this kind of thing that you can do, without getting really cliche. Finally I totally didn't buy the Curtis sub-plot, it was out of character and simply designed to get him off the program as quickly as possible. I personally am just hoping the my favorite character, Bill Buchanon, survives the season.


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