Thursday, January 11, 2007

With Music by Orrin Hatch

Long time Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch is known, among other things, for his music. Mr. Hatch has been a composer for some time now, with I belive six albums to his credit, many of them joint projects with LDS music mavin Janice Kapp Perry. Anyway for a long time I've wanted to find a linkable online copy of Hatchs 'God Bless our Homes and Families', which has got to be the most Republican song of all time! Seriously, you've got to hear this song, if your of a more liberal persuasion you'll find it hilarious, if your more conservative you might find yourself oddly moved. Either way if you get the chance, you should listen to this song. You can listen to select other songs by Mr. Hatch at his music website.


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