Sunday, January 14, 2007

"There are several resasons most of us don't feel comfortable speaking directly about our confusion. One is that we want greater certainty about life and our decisions than we often feel. We want to be abel to say that we are certain God has led us in such and such a direction and now is leading us in another direction. To articulate uncertanity seems to communicate lack of confidence in God.

"It might help us to remember that human beings (even Christian ones) are fallible and 'see through a glass darkly.' Surely there is plenty or biblical evidence of faithful people who misunderstood God's will or did not receive clear direction about every decision. Is it really impossible for us to say, 'I think I misunderstood what God was leading me to do'? Or even, 'I made a mistake in coming here'?"- David P. Gushee in Christianity Today, September 2006.


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