Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al Gore and the Oscars

Last night Fmr. Vice-President Al Gore spoke at the Taco Bell Arena on global warning, as part of the 23rd Annual Frank Church Confrence on Public Affairs. I was there. Gore's presentation was pretty much what he did in his now Academy Award nominated documentary An Inconvenient Truth, save an additional focus on Idaho in the presentation and a couple of Boise State Football refrences. I enjoyed it though I learned little new and whole thing went a bit long. The Mormons I attended it with where a little stingy on the clapping I felt. The vampire guy we listened to on 'Cost to Cost AM' on the drive back got a bigger response then the ex-presidental candidate, but then again the vampire guy was funnier, if not intentionaly so.

Back to the Oscars, the nominess were announced this morning, nothing to surprising but I'm going to wait awhile to formulate my picks. The State of the Union is also tonight, but I'm not going to watch it for a change, as I think I'm going to go see Letters From Iwo Jima this evening.


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