Thursday, January 18, 2007

Disney Rarities

I finally finished Disney Rarities, part of the Walt Disney Treasures DVD collection. I bought my copy of this 2-DVD set back around Christmas of 2005, but got sidtracked by other things and didn't finish viewing all of its contents until today. Basically its a collection of Disney theatrical shorts from the 1920's into the early sixties, highlights of which include The Little House, Ben and Me, Pigs Is Pigs, Paul Bunyan, Goliath II, A Symposium On Popular Songs, and The Saga Of Windwagon Smith. My favorite of the collection however has long been The Truth About Mother Goose, a cartoon that scared but fascinated me as a child. Among the motivations for my purchase was a brief conversation I had with Virginia Davis at the Hollywood celebrites show I visited in 2005. Davis was the star of Walt Disneys first series of film shorts, the silent Alice's adventures in the 1920's. Seven Alice shorts are included on disc one, along with an interview with the still living Ms. Davis.


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