Wednesday, December 06, 2006

May, December

The Billy Wilder Centennial

Love in the Afternoon is a Lubitschian romantic comedy with a number of simularites to Wilders earlyer Sabrinia, most notably in tone and the casting of Audrey Hepburn (who I think is my favorite Belgian). Gary Cooper plays Hepburns love intrest, the American playboy and major Pepsi stock holder Frank Flannagan (Wilders later film One, Two, Three concerns a Coke-A-Cola executive). French actor Maurice Chevalier plays Hepburns detective father, and John McGiver is one of his clients. This film is so straight foward I find I have very little to say about it, except that I found it inferior to Sabrinia, and would rank it towards the bottom of Wilders work, not a bad movie just drawn out and never really hooked me.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Nate Dredge said...

I forgot to mention that December 5th marked 100 years from the birth of Otto Priminger.


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