Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some Links

Here are some links to some sites/blogs I've visited recently. It's part of an effort to clean out my always accumulating 'favorites' file, while assuring I can still reach these sites should I ever want to.

Seeing the Elephant is a civil war reenactors site, Jackson might enjoy this.

List of Fictional Presidents, just for fun.

Portrayals of Mormons in Popular Media, bridges the gap between two big areas of my interest.

Evangelicals for Mitt, this also bridges some areas of interest to me. Though I'm not yet commited to who I'll support in 08', or even if that person will be a Republican, I am drawn to the intra-party, inter-faith dynamics of this particular aspect of the comming race.

Josh Schroeder is not so sold on a Mitt run, persuamably for theological reasons. It just drives me crazy that I can't understand what the meat of the problem is for so many people in regards to a Mormon candidate/president. Would it still be the same if he where a Catholic? I've never heard a good argument for opposition based on the religone issue, if its something more that mear prejudice I wish someone could explain it to me. I'm honestly interested in understanding this.


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