Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Dizzy": Reformer in an Age of Mutton Chops


In the 1978 BBC mini-series Disraeli, Ian McShane does an admirable job tackeling the role of the 19th Century Prime Minister. This is a particularly impressive feet in light of McShanes compition, the late George Arliss practicaly made a career out of the part, playing it on the London and New York stages, as well as in a 1929 feature film. Where the mini-series differs from the film is in scope, while the 29' Disraeli feature focuses on the PM's handeling of the Suez Canel crises of the 1870's, the mini-series cover the bulk of Benjamin Disraeli's life. The mans wit, integrety, and devoition to his wife (played by Mary Peach) are on display throughout, though the middle two parts are stronger then the ends.


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