Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Animated Anti

Well this might be a little risky, so be warned, but I am going to provide a link to an intersting little video concering "the truth about Mormon theology". Anyway this roughly 6 minute, decently animated film, was made by a protastant group round about 1975. I also understand that it is included as part of Ed Deckers infamous anti-Mormon film The Godmakers. The clip presents its information in a tone that is suppose to sound removed, but it is obviously partisan. Many of the things cited in the film as Mormon doctrine, are more acurately folk belifes that originated in the 19th century church, but do sadly persist in some quarters today. There are also some over simplifications, stereotypes, and stories of disputed accuracy included. I think however that the only time I really felt uncomfrotable watching this was the depictions inside the temple, which makes me a little leary about posting this. However I think people have the right to see it, let them make up there own minds. Pluse I know many Mormons have an odd fascinaiton with this kind of stuff, my self included, and would be curious to give it a look-see. So here again, is that link.

I also found this video about door-to-door athesists that I kind of liked.


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