Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"You Freud, Me Jane"

Hitch Part 11 of 15

Marnie,from the novel by Winston Graham, was orignaly to have been the return to film for Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monico, who ultimatly backed out of the production, feeling the lead role not a proper one for someone of her position. So in came Tippi Hedren, in what was to be the final of her two films with Alfred Hitchcock (the two reportedly had a major falling out on the set). In the handeling of its subject matter Marnie was ahead of its time, taking something (I won't revel what in case you are not privey to the end) that in the past might have served as fodder for some Jone Crawford melordrama, and making it seem respectiable, in a non-respectiable kind of why. Though acording to Oscar Levant its pop-psychology is far from accurate. Also featuring Sean Connery, really cool in what is probably his best film, and Diana Baker, really cute in what is probably the only movie I've seen her in.


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