Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spitting Image/Robot Chicken

I can't remember how exactly I first became aware of the eccentric British satire program Spitting Image, though I think it might have been on some fluff news piece about the show in the mid- eighty's(I've watched the nightly news since I was about 3). Then in 1991 there was a prime time Spitting Image special on American television in conjunction with the Gulf War, I begged my parents but they wouldn't let me stay up for it. My last encounter with the show until recently was in the middle 90's, when part of a program on TLC about Jonathan Swift (and by extension satire), featured a segment on how they made the unique fleshy/muppet characters featured on the program. Anyway I recently came across some segments from the show on youtube, which I thought I'd share due to their high 80's British weirdness quotient:
Images distant cousin is the current Adult Swim program Robot Chicken, which comes from the mind of Seth Green. The Chicken does a lot of satire on children's programing from my childhood, so I thought I'd share some examples, the first two being my favorites:
Super Mario Brothers- Honestly one of the funniest things I'd seen in a while.
Charlie Brown-For some reason I love Peanuts satire.


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