Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've Been Ill

Well I put up a valient fight, but after about six weeks of various bugs, flus and coughs making the rounds at my residence, I finally got sick. So I've spent this past weekend doing the kind of stuff I do when I'm sick, watching lots of DVD's, including the entire first season of The 4400 (It wasn't aliens, it was people from the future), and reading low impact material such as Televison Without Pity's new 752 Things We Love to Hate (And Hate to Love) About TV (which runs from Willie Aames to Zoboomatoo). Watched the good humord western Rio Bravo, featuring an actor with the stereotypical sounding name of Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, and a romance between then 52 year-old John Wayne and a 27ish Angie Dickinson (who's character is supose to be 22, which only makes the dynamics worse). Also watched O Henry's Full House, an early 50's compiliation film taken from the short stories of its titular author, and hosted by another author, John Steinbeck. Lastley caught part of the SAG awards and noticed that 24's Chloe, actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub, had short red hair. Short red hair! But she currently has long brunett hair on the show, and I'm pretty sure there still filming. With it highly unlikely that Chloe would decide to change her look mid-terrorist crises, I think this means she's dead! Wait, maybe she just had to go undercover, yeah that must be it. Alas I think no such luck, I just hope she goes out with more character consitancy then Curtis.

Before I got sick I watched the 1977 NBC mini-series Sybil, which features Sally Field giving one of the great all time performances of any medium (I'm serious).


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