Wednesday, January 31, 2007

24 Timeline

Okay, so here's the best I can figure out:

March 2004: Day 1

Early Fall 2005: Day 2

Early 2006: 24: The Game

September/October 2008: Day 3

January or Febuary 2009: Season 4 Prequel

Febuary 2010: Day 4

Febuary 2011: Season 5 Prequel

August 2011: Day 5

March 2012: Season 6 Prequel

April 2013: Day 6

Note: There is some evidence the first season to backdate events on Day 1 into an alternate version of the 2000 election (one minues Al Gore running). While this may have been the orignal intent of the shows creators, the occurance of the September 11th attacks seems to have pushed the show into a decidely post 9/11 world. For example, President David Palmer has a Department of Homeland Security early in first term, indicting the occurance of a previous 9/11 style War on Terror triggering event, prior to the nuclear explosion in the California desert that highlights season 2.


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