Saturday, November 25, 2006

Subversive Penguins & Company


Happy Feet will make you happy. The image of that baby penguin dancing could be used as a treatment for depression. That being said the movie has a surprisingly subversive edge to it. Aside from the obvious animated movie lessons about the enviroment, and it being okay to be different, the movie hints at issues of social control through religion, and as someone pointed out to me, a possible gay subtext. Anyway the movie is quite entertaning with an impressive scale and voice cast, as well some intersting use of CGI/human actors towards the end. Pluse it has Robin Williams. Recomended.

I know how The Company got made. The pitch meeting went something like this: "Neve Campbell, tights, two hours." Ironicly the movie its self would probably not appeal to the demographic most inclined to view Ms. Campbell in tights. The Company is the story of the triumphs and trials of the overworked and underpaid performers of Chicago's Joffrey Ballet, with focus on the romance between dancer Campbell and a cook played by James Franco. Altman aims for reality with this slice of life film, and captures the dance sequences beautifully. I was particularly impressed with the ballet in a strom sequence. Malcolm McDowell is perfectly cast as the director of the company.


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