Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Marija Gimbutas

A Lecture Review?

Well in the intrest of completeness (I pledged to myself to put down at lest a few lines about every new movie I see this year), I present a few words on a lecture I saw in class today (that is technically considered a film). It is entitled The World of the Goddess and is simply a tape of the last filmed lecture of the late Lithuanian born anthropologist and mythology expert Marija Gimbutas. There was some interesting stuff presented in the video, and it made extensive use of photo slides, but it was still a lecture non-the-less. Gimbutas however is an intriguing personality in a Dr. Ruth sense, a little old lady talking about things you don't necessarily expect to hear a little old lady talking about. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter combined with her strong accent made her kind of fun to watch. So if your going to watch a video lecture about ancient European Goddess worship, you might as well make it this one.


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