Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Torch Has Been Passed

A West Wing Word

Now I'm not going to write a recap of the final episode, you can get one at TWP in a few days. I do however want to put down just a few final thoughts. There really wasn't to much to this episode in a story sense, just a leisurely paced goodbye. I was kind of disappointed that Toby wasn't in it, but his presences was implied throughout especially in his getting a last minute pardon from the President. There were a few memorable images here as well, the Bartlets alone in the East Room, the switching of the picture of the sitting President, and all the movers coming in and out of the oval office like a swarm of grasshoppers. All in all a low key goodbye that worked but will never be listed as one of the great final episodes of television (the pilot however, that was re aired just before this is certainly one of the best TV pilots with which I am familiar). The West Wing will be missed but I think its time had come, we had four years of greatness followed by three years of pretty-goodness. Here's looking forward to heir-apparent Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip.


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