Wednesday, February 01, 2006

W SOU V 5.0

Well the president gave his 5th State of the Union address last night and with no big moral cause or crises to address (and his popularity at a low nadir), I find I miss the melodic tones of Clinton SOU. At least Bush keeps his speech's fairly short, he's reported to not like staying up late and the speech doesn't start until 9 PM in the east. Anyway the president keep himself from being inspiring either in rhetoric or content. Not that I'm knocking what he said mind you, he had a sold reasoning for stay the course, and his comments about the need for American energy independence have a certain 'Nixon goes to China' quality when coming from this former Texas oilman. Speaking of which, don't you think 'oil men' would be cool cartoon villains? I mean they could arise from the sludge and shoot goo at people. Their evil boss could be called 'the Oil Barron' and would be dressed up in a German outfit from the first world war. Anyway people don't generally pay attention to what's said in the middle of a SOU, or in the middle of an article about the SOU for that matter. Also isn't SOU a hard to pronounce abbreviation for State of the Union? Well I guess that's all I have to say for now, so good day and God bless America.


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