Monday, January 30, 2006

And Substituting for Jack Bauer Tonight, Dr. Gregory House


Now I usually don't have Monday nights off from work, though today I did and I was very pleased with this fact as I was expecting to be able to finish up season 2 of 24 tonight. However netflix messed up and sent me disc 6 of House season one, rather then the last four episodes of the extremely addicting show I was excited to finish. Well I've reported the error and should be receiving the appropriate disc soon, but all in all it was kind of a happy coincidence. With the West Wing going off the air soon I've been think about searching for a new show. House has been a show I've been considering checking out both at the recommendation of my sister and of a West Wing website I frequent. I had never seen House before and really enjoyed it, the program has the wit and smarts of early West Wing, and Hugh Laurie's Dr. Gregory House is a great character. It may be that my search for a new show has ended before it even began.


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