Monday, February 06, 2006


Well tonight I got to hear a lecture by 20/20 anchor and long time consumer affairs correspondent John Stossel at Boise State University. I've been a fan of Mr. Stossels for a long time, I believe I started watching his broadcasts in Middle School. I'm a big fan of his rhythmic vocal cadence and logical point-to-point delivery, I even intentionally attempted to copy his delivery style when I did competitive speech in High School. His lecture was entitled 'Freedom and its Enemies' and focused primarily on the kind of stuff he talked about in his book Give Me A Break, which I am now listing to on CD (I got him to sign my copy, and even shock his hand). Mr. Stossel himself says libertarian is probably the closest word to describing his political philosophy which embraces free markets and decries blotted government and stupid regulations. Mr. Stossel came to his current world view after spending years as a consumer affairs reporter and noticing the government often seemed to do more damage than did the problems they sought to correct. Now focusing his reporting on government waste and trial lawyers (yes John Edwards was mentioned in his speech), he has become "the scourge of the liberal media" and stopped winning Emmys. Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting hates this guy, they say he's a sell-out in the pockets of big business, now while this group claims to be objective I've honestly never heard anybody but liberals site FAIR as an authoritive source. John Stossel is not a conservative lackey (he's opinions on many social issues should make that argument a mute point), but he believes in free markets and thats why the socialistic left hates him, that and the fact that he routinely calls them out. I admit I'm not completely comfortable with everything Stossel says, but I think that might largely be because its mostly true, and the truth can be difficult. John Stossel is certainly man worth listing too.


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