Saturday, January 14, 2006

Altman to get Life-Time Achievement Award

It has been announced that filmmaker Robert Altman will receive the life-time achievement award during the Academy Awards broadcast in March. Altman, who started out as a television director, has had a long and varied career and is noted for constently re-inventing himself in terms of the films he makes. Noted works of Altmans include MASH, Nashville, The Player, Gosford Park and the innovative mini-series "Tanner 88'". Altman is not universally apreciated however because of the cynical edge found in many of his films and his love of overlapping characters dialogue. The 80 year-old directors time seems to have finally come however, and after years of perceived slights it seems that Popeye has finally been forgiven him and he will get his award. Altmans next project is a film adaptation of Garrison Keillars popular public radio series The Prairie Home Companion (which I enjoy listening to on my drive home from work on Saturdays) staring Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Kline, and Lindsay Lohan, the movie is due out later this year.

Also of interest noted Mormon business mogul Larry Miller is receiving some bad press for his decision to remove controversial gay-cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain from its run at one of his theaters. Read move about this story via this link.


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