Tuesday, January 10, 2006

McGarry Debate Debacle

A West Wing Word

The title of this blog entry comes form the title of a blog entry on this last weeks episode of the West Wing (ep title: "Running Mates"), which began with Martin Sheen giving a tribute to the late actor John Spencer (who plays Leo) from a set the looks like the East Room. This is the first episode of the program to air after Spencers death and ironically focuses on his character. During practice sessions for the upcoming vice-presidential debate, the number two guy on the democratic ticket (who despite a life-time in politics has never before run for public office) completely tanked, sending the Santo/McGarry camp into panic mode. The blog artical comes from a leak on Leo's preformance. Things got so bad that Josh even called up Toby to ask advice between his court appearances, which while providing little in the way of actual help with the debate situation did at least mark another step toward reconciliation in their strained friendship. Leo's call to Santo for advice (more on his side-story for this episode later) proved more usefull, with the congressman re-assuring his running-mate that he really does know his stuff and has probably just got to self aware as a result of all the well intentioned advice he's been getting. So Leo blows of his final debate prep in favor of watching a movie at home (by the audio I heard of the film I think it might have been a Katharine Hepburn movie). That evening the now re-charged Leo more the holds his own against Republican VP candidate Ray Sullivan, who is himself a former prosecutor and accomplished debater.

In the Santos sub-plot Matt returns to his home in Houston for a finale weekend of rest before election day, which is now six-weeks out West Wing time. When Matt spends most of his vacation time working rather then spending time with the kids (I think the son is now like three year older then he was in previous episodes, recasting possibly?), his wife gets mad. Helens mood is helped none when in addition to Matthews distractions, and the hoards of secret service and campaign people in their home, a tabloid newspaper publishes a photo of her accidentally showing a little thong while picking up her daughter in the front yard. Matt of course insestes on calling up the rags publishers and chewing them out, very Harry Truman of him.

On the Kazhakstan front any progress on negations is currently classified as Kate repeatedly reminds us. Speaking of Kate, the writers in throwing another bone to the relationshipers in the audience have updated her and Wills relationship from awkward flirting to awkward dating, their first date: watching the vice-presidential debates and eating take-out. C.J. and the President were absent from the show this week but per the previews will return next week for an episode about Jed Bartlets least favorite son-in-law.


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