Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shelly Winters: 1920-2006

In Memory

Actress Shelly Winters passed away this morning of heart failure at the age of 85. The celebrated actress who has appeared in 130 films was adminted to the hospital in October following a heart attack, she was in the care of the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills at the time of Her passing. Winters started in film during the early 1940's playing mostly bit parts, during this period of her career she roomed for a time with future super-star Marlyin Monroe. A favorite of director George Stevens she apeard in A Place in the Sun, and later in The Diary of Ann Frank for which she won an Acadamy Award. Winters also had memorable roles in Stanly Kubricks Lolita, Sidney Polloacks The Scalphunters, as well as the origanl Alfie, A Patch of Blue, The Poseidon Adventure, and Petes Dragon. Winters earned a new generation of fans with a re-accuring role as Grandmother Nana Mary on the 90's sitcom 'Roseanne'. Married and divorced three times Shelly Winters is survied by her only child (by actor Vittorio Gassman) daughter Vittoria-Gina.


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