Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sharon Survives

Well up until now I've avoided writing on recent events concerning Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharons health because I thought he was going to die and I'd be writing an obituary for him. However it turns out that the mans reputation for stubbornness goes even farther then I thought. I really do hope he pulls through, Sharon has a certain "only Nixon can go to China" credibility to him that helps to legitimacy the peace process. With a reasonable man finally in charge of the PLO and so much progress having been made in the last year or so I'd hate to see anything get into the way of the peace process now. With Israeli elections scheduled for March Sharons recently formed centrist party seems set to win the largest number of seats in parliament, lets hope that they do and progress in the region can continue with or with-out the current Prime Minister.


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