Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everybodys Waiting

Last night I finished the 5th and final season of Six Feet Under. While the first half of the season wasn't as strong in my opinion as some seasons past, that was more then made up for in the last five episodes. Nate's unexpected death was quite movingly handeld, and the emotional final episodes where heartbreaking. The last 20 minutes of the final episode are just the most amazing send off of any televsion series of which I am aware. I find myself repetedly watching the final montage and chocking back tears each time. Excellent work on the part of all involved. Also I liked the irony of Claire ending up with a well adjusted Republican. Check out this montage of the shows fake commercials and musical numbers.

On sunday I had the second part of my documentary films class. We watched a doc about Iraq war veterns who are now involved in anti-war activites titled The Ground Truth. We also watched the first three of the four acts of Spike Lee's When the Levees broke. Interesting Spike Lee fact: In the late 1990's Lee directed two 'Pavarotti & Friends' benefite specials for television.


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