Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nate Dredge in the Morning

I had to stop by the Comm building early this morning to drop something off for a class I'm taking. While I was there I thought I heard Joes voice coming from one of the radio labs so I stopped by to see what was up. It seems that Rob Ormonds previous co-host for the university Pulse morning show (which is broadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 am over the UP website) had to bow out, so now Joe was helping with the hosting duties. Since I was there they asked me to do a news and commentary segment with them and I ended up staying on for the whole show. Anyway I've now been invited to cohost the morning show with Rob and Joe from now until Christmas vacation starts (excepting Thanksgiving week, when no live show will air). I've accepted and have dubbed myself the politics and popular culture correspondent. Even though this translates to only two weeks of work, for which I will not be paid, I'm excited about the prospect of being on the air again, and with limited responsibilities.

Also Nobel prize winning economist and free-market advocate Milton Friedman has passed away at the age of 94, and my sister-in-law turns 21 today.


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