Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Morning After

Well the Democrates have taken over the House, and most likely the Senate, and the Presidents already sent Rummy packing. The next two years are going to have a different feel about them that's for sure, but I think that is going to be a good thing. I feel the nation needs divided government right now, espeacily after the abuses we've been getting from the right over the past several years. Not that all this has changed much of anything in Idaho, Sali and Ottor beat there centerist-democratic rivals in the states two most hotly contested elections. The Gay marriage/civil unions ban was voted into the state constitution, but Boise residents voted against the controversy inviting Ten Commandments measure. Netiher Propositon passed, I voted for both, but quickly came to realize I was wrong on ballot measure 2. I often find myself surprisingly wrong on how my fellow Idahons are going to vote on something, I was wrong about the Mayors contest that elected Dave Beiter, I was wrong about the Republcian congressional primary this last spring, and I was wrong about prop 2, 80% of Idahoans voted against it. Anyway you can hear more mostly pirated local and national election analisis by me on the radio show this Sunday. We also intend to unvail an Anti-Family add on the program. You always hear about candidates being labeld anti-family, nows your chance to hear what such an add might actully sound like. Remember AM 730 from 2-3 Sunday afternoon, or online at


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