Friday, April 28, 2006


Those of you who know me know that I am a big fan of the David Lynch, and am consequently pleased to be able to offer you some links to a few Lynch related clips. Jackson you may have remembered me telling you on a few occasions that Keifer Sutherland played a nerdy FBI agent in the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (click here for low-res trailer). Well I wasn't able to find a regular clip of him in the movie, but somebody did do an MST3K style dubbing of the famous 'coffee house scene', that more then gets his characters nerdy awkwardness across. In all seriousness Fire Walk With Me is acutely a very powerful film about child abuse, albeit laced in a lot of mysticism. While Mulholland Drive (Click here for high-res trailer) is and reminds my favorite Lynch movie, Fire is my second and Twin Peaks the series is my favorite of all of Lynchs work. Click here to watch the Twin Peaks title sequence, which is one of the longer ones for a network TV show, this particular clip leads into the season 2 opener which takes up where season one's 'who shot agent copper?' cliffhanger ended (ironically we don't find out who it was until near the end of the season, by which point in my first viewing of the series I'd almost forgotten he'd been shot at all). Finally though not related to Lynch I'm including a link to the Brockback to the Future trailer that Joe first informed me about (it's funny how many perfect scenes the trilogy provided for assembling this satire).

Twin Peaks compatibility test, if you can take this clip then you can take the series.


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