Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Classic HBO and Other 80's Stuff

I got in a bit of a nostalgic mood this evening and ended up searching 80's commercials on the internet. I found this great bumper that HBO used for about a decade or so. In the 1980's while living in Utah my folks subscribed to HBO, back when it was a very different network from what it is today. I have very vivid memories of this sequence that proceeded most any movie that was shown on the network. I hope that you enjoy it as well. Click Here (don't worry it loads real easy)

Also, remember Zak's sage career advice? Well here is a reminder.

I can't resist adding the title sequence of one of my favorite 80's cartoons, Count Duckula, which desperately needs to come out on DVD. Nor sadly can I resist posting the opening credits of the obscure family comedy The Hogans (which acutely had two titles for some reason as you'll see), this show was a staple in our household for years, and I especially remember the episode about the first Martin Luther King Day holiday.


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