Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Andreas Katsulas: 1946-2006

In Memory

Actor Andreas Katsulas best remember for his portrayal of Narn Ambassador G'Kar on the cult science fiction series Babylon 5 died yesterday of lung cancer at the age of 59. Katsulas lung condition was pronounced inoperable some time ago so that the actor and his family have long had to live with his impending death. In fact his dying of cancer was probably inevitable for this heavy smoker, I will never forget the mental image I have in my head of Andreas, in full Narn make-up, smoking between takes on the Babylon 5 production lot. Really a talented actor he was type cast in science fiction and never got the general acclaim he might have had, his only memorable main stream role being that of 'the one armed man' in the 1993 feature The Fugitive. Andreas Katsulas is the second regular cast member of B5 to have died sense the series left the air in November of 1998, the other being actor Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin) who died of an aortic tear in 2004.


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