Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Good Speech

Well the President spoke to the country about the situation in Iraq tonight, in a live address from the oval office. Now he didn't really say much new, mainly he stuck to the 'stay the course' message, however the tone was different. The president has made a point about taking responsibility for the ultimate decision to go to war in Iraq, and has been acknowledging over the past few weeks that much of the pre-war intelligence information the administration brought to the public was flawed. He brought both the importance of the 'stay the course' philosophy, as well as a sense of humility to his address tonight, in all I'd say the president came off as quite reasonable and measured. I think the nation may be on its way out of the dull-drums on this issue, the much improved Sunni turnout in last weeks elections is a very encouraging sign. Well only time will tell, but right now I feel our country's pretty well on track in regards to the situation in Iraq.


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