Friday, March 23, 2007

Do'in What Comes Naturally

Movie: Annie Get Your Gun (1950)
Setting: Ohio and locations throughout the midwest (espically Minnasota), the great cities of Europe and New York New York; the story plays it all a little lose with actual history, so it should probably be in the 1870's but sevral refrences place it in the 1880's.

Beatty Hutton was actully substituing for Judy Garland in a role that now seems taylor made for the recently departed actress ("Were always looking for a good Betty Hutton"-Sheldrake). Based on the popular musical by Irving Berlin, this film is esstenally a rather unconvinicng love story between dandy sharp shooter Frank Butler (Howard Keel) and the rough necked shooting prodgany Annie Oakley (Hutton). With some good songs, enjoyable character actors and a fun visual style, this film mostly makes up for what it lacks in real plot. You could probably get young children to watch this its so colorfull.

Note: The story of actor Brad Marrow, who played little Jake Oakley in the film is kind of sad.

Factoid: There are many plot and tonal simularites between this film and a movie Ms. Hutton did two years later called The Greatest Show on Earth.


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