Thursday, March 08, 2007

Camptastic Voyages

I recently completed my viewing of the DVD release of Star Trek: The Animated Series (thank you netflix), which I watched for its great camp/nostalgia value. As children my brother and I used to watch reruns of this 1973-74 program on Nick-at-Night, I think it aired on Sunday evenings right around 1989 or 90'. Anyway the both of use thought that Mr. Arex, the orange, tri-pedal bridge officer who served as Checkovs replacement was real cool. We want to know more about him, and were saddened that he was never the focus of an episode. This no doubt was do in part to the extremely thin budget the series apparently had. The programme was a production of Filmation Studios, which used a process called 'limited animation' (as well as a highly repetitive musical score) to save on costs. So alas our Mr. Arex, with one additional foot, would have been cost prohibitive to strike out on his own and have adventures. Now that we have CGI however, I'm ready to pitch my Mr. Arex television program to anyone who will listen.


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