Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mormons, George Reeves and Alan Ball

With the upcoming releasse of the Howard Hughs releated film The Hoax, it seemed time to view the film about the other famous Hughs forgery (or supposed forgery depending on who you belive), Melvin and Howard. This quarky film by Jonathan Demme tells the story of Melvin Dummar, who in the late 1960's gave a late night ride to a man claiming to be Howard Hughs, only to have a will bequething him millions of dollars from the late billionare, deliverd to his Utah gas station in 1976. Known as 'The Mormon Will' this document was later determend by a court to be fraudulent, though some belive it was simply repressed by Hughs buisness associates who disagreed with where the money went.

The movie Hollywoodland takes a look at the mysterious death of television superman George Reeves. All of the three major theorys regarding his death are explored. First, that he was accidently killed by fiance Leonore Lemmon. Second, that his death was orderd by the reportedly ruthless MGM vice-president Eddie Mannix. Third, that Reeves shot himself over desperation regarding what he perceived as his failed career. Ben Affleck gives what may turn out to be the most well regarded performance of his career, picking up on Reeves every little subtelty of vocial cadiance and movment. This is a good but far from great film, that made me want to re-watch the superior 50's crime drama L.A. Confedental.

My recent complition of the series Six Feet Under inspired me to the see the film that made its creator, and my personal writing god, Alan Ball famous. That movie is American Beauty, the much deserving winner of 1999's best picture award. The movie, well its pretty awsome, not for all tastes, but pretty awsome. Lot's of truth in there. Anyway back in the fall of 99' me and my friend Jackson traveld down to Salt Lake City to visit his then girlfriend Megan. There I meet a friend of Megans who told me that this movie was awsome, but I was dismissive (I was more prudish then). I just want to say I'm sorry Megans friend whose name I can't remember, you where right, American Beauty is awsome.


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