Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Bad Day For Presidents

A Boxed-set Review
Just finished up another excitting season of 24, season 5 to be exact. This is the season when Jack Baurer came out out of an 18-month period of hidding, after faking his deah in season 4. Guest villians this season include Dr. Romano (Paul McCrane) & Robocop (Peter Weller). Also Bill Buchanan is probably the guy you'd most like to have as your boss out of any CTU director thus far, and I must add that Aaron Pierce rocks! Because the 24 presidents stand so large in the story of season 5, I'd like to take a momnet and set the shows timeline striaght in regards to the presidency:
William Jefferson Clinton, is the last president common to both the real world and the world of 24. He was a Democrate from Arkansas and served as our 42nd President from 1993-2001. In the '24: Declassified' books, Clinton is followed in office by a President Harold Barnes, the nations 43rd chief executive was in office from 2001-2005. Barnes is presumable a Republican who beat Al Gore in the 2000 election, and later handeled the events of 9/11. As Barnes has yet to be shown on the series (though he would have been in office at the time of the events of season 1), I have no image to represent him.

David Palmar (1956-2011), a Democratic Senator from Maryland, survived an assasination attempt in 2004, to go on and win that years presidental election with a landslide 60% of the vote. President Palmar (the first black President) served from 2005-2009, incompasing the events of seasons 2 & 3 of the series. He was our 44th President. David Palmar ran for re-election in 2008, but withdrew from the race that fall, following the death of his ex-wife Sherry Palmer. Presumable David Palmar was replaced as the Democratic nomine by then Vice-President Prescott.
John Keeler was a Republican Senator from an unnamed state who won the 2008 Presidental election. Keeler was the nations 45th President and served from 2009 to early 2010, when he was injured beyound the ability to discharge his office, after Airforce One was shot down by terrorits. He was the Commander & Chief for most of season 4. Keelers ultimate fate remains to be established in the 24 canon.
Charles Logan of California was Keelers Vice-President, he served as acting chief executive, and later President after Keelers incapacitation. He was the nations 46th President from early 2010 until the summer of 2011, when he was removed from office following the discovery of his involvment in the assasiantion of former President David Palmar, and other acts of treason. Logan was in charge of the country for the last third of season 4, and all but the last few minutes (arguably) of season 5.
Hal Gardner served as President of the United States between seasons 5 & 6. He was nominated and confirmed the Vice-President of the United States, in accordiance with the 25th amendment, serving under President Charles Logan. After Logan was removed from office Gardner became the 47thPresident, and served from 2011-2013. After Gerald Ford has was only the second President of the U.S. to have never been elected either President or Vice President. I would imagen that Gardner was the Republican nomine in 2012. We do not know what state Gardner was from.
Wayne Palmer, brother of the late ex-President David Palmer, is to be the featured President in season 6. The winner of the 2012 election, Wayne Palmer is a Democrate out of California. The second Palmers time in office began (or begins) January 20th 2013. Wayne Palmer is the 48th President.


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