Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again

With the mid-term elections approching in a couple of weeks, its time for the bi-annual church statement on political neutrality. This year however the scop is a little larger then usuall, with all the media talk of a Mitt Romney run for the big chair in 2008, with articals talking about his 'army of Mormon supporters', the church just wants to make clear that it does not endorse candidates. Though it is of course logical to assume Mr. Mitt will have lots of support within the Mormon community should he run for President.

On a related note about church and politices I wanted to bring up a letter from the First Presidency that was read over the pulpit a couple months back. This was when congress was preparing to vote on the anti-gay marriage amendment to the Constitution. The statement said that the church encouraged its members to write there senators/congressman and, I'm paraphrasing here: 'make their opinions known on the issue'. The letter does not actully say what these opinions are or should be, but it is non the less very clear what opinions are assumed by reading between the lines. This got me thinking about how things can be said without being said, primarly as regards within the church. Does anyone have any other examples or is this an isolated incident? If it is an isolated incident why not just say that the church wants its members to express to there representatives in Washington a collective distaste for homosexual marriage? Was it just considerd politer to say it the way they phrased it? Or do the churchs other statements in regards to political endorsments make this whole issue just difficult to navagaite? Anyway probably dosen't matter to much, just wanted to write something more about the church and politices and this is what came to mind.


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