Saturday, September 30, 2006

Casket Cases

A Boxed-Set Review

Always a very internally orianted series, season four of Six Feet Under brings us even deeper into the interior struggles of our characters. This is the season that sees the tragic unraveling of the Diaz marriage, hitherto the healthest couple on the program, as well as Claires fustration with men hiting its high point. We begin to the discover the mental illnes of Ruth's new husband George Sibley (James Cromwell) and how his pronounced fear of personal lose has played such a major role in his life. Nate spends the season dealing with the death of his wife Lisa (who we learn was raised in Coeur D'Alene), but eventully manages to reconnect with Brenda. Of course the big guns are saved for David, who is held hostage and nearly killed by crazy drug addict Jake (Michael Weston in an Emmy worthy performance). All-in-all still a very screw up clan, but I like them.


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