Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Robert Earl Jones Dies

In Memory

Robert Earl Jones, actor and father of James Earl Jones passed away on September 7th. The elder Jone had nearly as impressive a career as his progeny, appering in a late 30's production of Langstone Hughs play 'Don't You Want to be Free', as well as in such films as The Sting, Witness, Trading Places, and The Cotton Club. One of the more intersting aspects about the life of Mr. Jones is the dispute about his age. He is belived to have been born sometime between 1900 and 1911, but as he used different years for his birth throughout his life (particularly when working as a boxer), it's hard to say exactly how old he was. The Jones family generaly places his year of birth as 1904, making him 102 at the time of his death. The Internet Movie Database however lists Jones as being 96 at the time of his passing.


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