Friday, June 16, 2006

Sometimes I Have Trouble Leaving My Room Also

A Movie Review

So last Night Mia Farrow was guest programming on TCM, and selected the 1962 Mexican film The Exterminating Angel by director Luis Bunuel. When Farrow said that there was no other film out there like this, it peaked my interest and I decided to watch. The movie is a surrealist drama, or as I've decided to dub it, an existential horror movie, about roughly twenty guests at a dinner party who discover that they are unable to leave the room. Nothings physically blocking them, there is no forcefield or anything, but when anyone tires to leave they find they just can't bring themselves to pass the threshold. The same thing is going on on the outside, with no able to get themselves to go up to the door. Those in the room end up being stuck there for some time, and the film focuses on their physical and psychological decay, as well as the rooms for that matter. Quite interesting and worth seeing, runs about an hour and forty minutes.


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