Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Origin Story

A Movie Review

Director Christopher Nolans surprisingly grounded re-imaging of the dark knight in Batman Begins, is preciously what the franchise needed. More realistic and honest then any previous cinematic offering of the capped crusader, Batman Begins is pretty smart for a summer superhero movie. Though it spends it first hour re-hashing back story, its done in a fairly satisfying way, in fact when you think about it we've never really been given a lot of Batman back story in a movie. Most of what I know of Bruce Waynes youthful saga comes from the above par 1990's animated version, to which Begins bares more tonal resemblance then to the other Batman films. The picture boasts an impressive cast (listed on the poster), though none of them are really stretching any acting muscles. I liked this Batman, and think there's a lot of potential in a sequel.


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