Thursday, March 09, 2006

For The Boys

A Movie Review

Stage Door Canteen
was a 1943 film made (as many films were at that time) as an aide to the war effort. Its goal seemed to be to bring as many stars as possible together in one film to promote a good cause. The cause in question here is the titular 'stage door canteen' a New York City establishment that provided free food, entertainment, and female companionship (in a very chaperoned way), to service men of all branches who were on leave. As a bonus the boys in uniform would often be waited on and entertained by various celebrities, this movie poster contains the names of most of the celebs who appeared in that capacity in the film. The actual plot of the movie (what there is of it) concerns a group of four solders, three of whom spend several nights of leave at the canteen, one of whom possibly finding true love. The movie is mostly comedy sketches and musical numbers with a little drama thrown in, a great example of a type of film that simply doesn't get made anymore. I would recommend this flick as 'video wallpaper' to have on during various veterans holidays.

  • Also seen by me lately: Bio-Dome. I can not say that I saw this movie by choice, because I didn't. Somehow a student convinced an instructor of mine to show this during class, I am still in this class so I'm not going to say much more about it so as to avoid any awkward situations. This is an awful film, though admittedly the second half is better then the first. For your own good stay away from all films staring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, you have been warned.


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