Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Interesting Mormon Video's for Coment

First off I should say that I'm probably one of Bill Maher's few active Mormon fans. A number of interesting points are brought up in this video that I'd be willing to discuss, so feel free to start a thread in the comments section. Secondly we have this video from Robert Millet, a man who has devoted a great deal of the last decade or so to promoting interfaith understanding. Here we catch him speaking to a Mormon group and promoting a gospel sharing principle, one I practiced on my mission, that seems averse to direct answers to questions. It is hard to get a direct answer to deeper doctrinal questions from any official or quasi-official establishment voice in the LDS Church. While I understand the PR, and doctrinal 'building blocks' approach this represents in getting across Mormon beliefs, I agree there is some dissonance here. I'm especially interested in Non-LDS responses to the last video, or attempts at LDS apologetics towards it.


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