Tuesday, April 24, 2007

September Dawn

Coming soon to theaters is this romance story set against the backdrop of the 1857 Mountain Meadows massacre. Click here for the preview. Anyway this thing is just bound to cause controversy in Mormon circles, as evidenced by this KSL story. In case your wondering I don't think Brigham ordered the attack, but agree with the historians that he did try to cover it up. While many books and articles have been written about Mountain Meadows, it has had scant visual representation, though by its very nature it is one of the most dramatic stories in Mormon history. I have read that in the early 1950's the Church successfully blocked 20th Century Fox pictures from making a movie about Mountain Meadows. Fox head Daryl F. Zanuck had a friendly relationship with the LDS leadership, and had in fact been instrumental in the production of the mostly pro-Mormon film Brigham Young Frontiersman in 1940. A documentary about the massacre appeared in 2004.


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