Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn Ford Dead at 90

In Memory

Yesterday actor Glenn Ford passed away at his home in southern Califorina, presumably from a heart attack or stroke. Ford got his start in westerns (Texas being a particularly strong entry of his in this catagory) but went one to became strongely associated with men of integrety roles ( such as in Blackboard Jungel), along the the same lines as his better rememberd contemporary Gregory Peck. I always enjoy Ford's movies, he seemed just such a good guy that he totally sells me as someone to root for. He was also one of the last representatives of Golden Age Hollywood we had, he will be missed. Ford never won an Oscar, but did get a Golden Globe in 1961 for his role as the good hearted gangster Dave the Dude in Frank Capra's last film, Pocketfull of Miracles.


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